Catholic Central High School

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Faculty/Staff/Administration Directory

Bailey, Chris   Bariteau, Ginny
Barry, Courtney   Beidl, Kate
Bigness, Courtney   Bott, Christopher
Campbell, Meaghan   Carroll, Maureen
Carvalho, David   Cavanaugh, Linda
Cuomo, Lexi   Curtin, Matthew
Dahl, Laurie   Dempsey, Mike
Dickerson, Mike   Eck, Janet
Flynn, Shawn   Gilooly, Rich
Giuliano, Lori   Heilman, Tim
Horn, Thomas   Kania, Dolores
Kettering, Kristen   Koenig, Karen
Koster, Diana   Krakat, Andrew
Maguire, Teresa   Mainello, Theresa
McCarthy, Ann   McCormack, Mary
Murphy, Sr. Monica   Murphy, Terry
Parillo, Chris   Pawlik, Ann
Peterson, Gwen   Prusinski, Patty
Rizzo, AnneMarie   Ropri, Ali
Sedlak, Kate   Stockwell, John
Trapasso, Joe   Verderese, Joe
Welch, Julie-Ann   Zea, Br. Edgardo

A School of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
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