Catholic Central High School Financial Aid Information and Procedures

Catholic Central High School offers aid to qualified students on the basis of the financial need of their family, and the availability of funds, through our Crusader PLUS — Program for Learning & Universal Success. Nearly 50% of our students receive some form of need-based financial aid. You may be surprised to learn how affordable a Catholic Central High School quality education really is. 

All financial aid is considered assistance and does not need to be paid back. The amount each family receives varies depending on financial circumstances. To apply for financial aid, please visit the FACTS Tuition Management website (January 1, 2018 - deadline is April 15, 2018). The majority of our financial aid budget is offered to families who have submitted their FACTS by the aforementioned deadline. Our ability to provide grants to late applicants is dependent upon our budget.

No two families are alike financially. We encourage you to start the process of applying for financial aid as early as possible. Applying is easy, and starts with the completion of the FACTS application online. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Crusader PLUS — Program for Learning & Universal Success.  Call 235-7100 with any questions you may have.