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All of our staff can be reached via phone by dialing 518-235-7100 and their 3 digit extension. 


Name Department Email Extension
Mrs. Ginny Bariteau Advancement 210
Mrs. Laurie Beach Marketing 224
Mrs. Laurie Dahl Guidance 203
Mr. Michael Dempsey Dean of Student Life 206
Mr. Jacob Goslin  Director of Technology 209
Mrs. Mary McCormack Office Manager 200
Mrs. Patti Prusinski Cafeteria 500
Mr. Christopher Signor  Principal  204
Mrs. Julie-Ann Welch Nurse 402


Ms. Christine Bailey Physical Education 501
Ms. Courtney Bigness Math/Science 301
Ms. Jessica Bowen Music 439
Mrs. Disa Bub English 306
Mrs. Meaghan Campbell English 408
Mrs. Linda Cavanaugh English 426
Mrs. Maura Clough Science 430
Ms. Christine Cochrane  Math 423
Mr. Michael Dempsey Math/Science 438
Mr. Walter Foley  Library Monitor 400
Mrs. Lori Giuliano Science 421
Mr. George Hannah  Business 407
Mr. Thomas Horn Theology 433
Mrs. Dolores Kania Spanish 403
Mrs. Kristen Kettering Guidance 213
Mr. Michael Kujan Theology 404
Mrs. Teresa Maguire Math 409
Sr.  Monica Murphy Campus Ministry 220
Mr. Terry Murphy Fine Art 401
Mr. Josh Myers Science 305
Mr. Nicholas Novotny Social Studies 302
Ms. Phyllis Rinella Social Studies 434
Mr. Randy Rivers  Theology 305
Mrs. AnnMarie Rizzo Social Studies 422
Mr. Joe Trapasso Business 406
Mrs. Courtney Trembley Physical Education 411
Br. Edgardo Zea Spanish 402