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Dear Alumni:

As many of you have left the halls of Catholic Central, our goal in the Advancement Office is to build the link to all those in our Alumni Community; a network of men and women around the world who shared the experience of being a “CRUSADER” at CCHS.

We are happy to include any reunion information or photos from reunions in our newsletter or on our website.  Send them along to me   via e-mail to

As many of you are know, we will be kicking off our 39th Annual Monsignor Mulqueen/Sr. Kenan Phonathon on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 12:30PM.  Please take a look at the phonathon calendar on our website to see when you will be hearing from a classmate.  It is with the phonathon that our students are able to experience the same traditions of CCHS as you did while a student here.  Please support the phonathon!

If you have any questions or need to update your personal information, please send that via e-mail or call (518) 235 – 7100 ext. 210.  


Virginia Bariteau
Director of Advancement


2017 Mother's Day Calendar Winners


  1. Joe Geiger '60
  2. Betty Martone '55
  3. Paul Fahr '77
  4. Mary Lou Brunette '72
  5. Mary McKeon '52
  6. Joanne Travers '49
  7. Margaret Wager '52
  8. Kathleen Barshied '65
  9. Jack Keefe '51
  10. Connie Prediletto '60
  11. Karolyn Real Symanski '67
  12. Tom Finnen '78
  13. Elizabeth Wagner '72
  14. Mary Ann DeMatteo '55
  15. Bob Hoffmeister '65
  16. Dorothy Mitchell '55
  17. Nancy Gardner '60
  18. Mary VanEpps '71
  19. Denise Willis '66
  20. Gina Toniatti '72
  21. John Fennell '66
  22. Marilyn Riley '60
  23. Nancy Francis-Natale '77
  24. Roger Gulley '60
  25. Mary Quinn '66
  26. Mark Lanni '72
  27. Eileen Gurak '55
  28. Richard Haldeman '60
  29. Ella Mae Flanagan '55
  30. David Keegan '61
  31. Mike Fitzgerald '77

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Dear Alums:

Above you will find the Phonathon Calendar for the upcoming 39th Annual Monsignor Mulqueen/ Sr. Kenan Phonathon.  The years without brackets or parentheses indicates “first time calling”; parentheses imply “second time calling”; brackets signify “third calling night”.

If you would like to help out please join us on your classes calling nights.

As shown on the calendar, the Annual KICK- OFF will be on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 12:30pm in the Library.  Please plan to join us for a fun-filled afternoon.  

We hope to see all of you at the phonathon with your ever present “Crusader Spirit”.  


Ginny or (518) 235 – 7100 ext. 210

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