"Our students and graduates have Crusader Spirit"

Crusader Spirit is difficult to explain to someone who is not familiar with Catholic Central High School.  Perhaps it is best described by means of a few lines from our school's Alma Mater.  Our students and graduates exhibit Courage, Constancy in the Right, Honor, and Sacrifice in all that they engage in.

While it would be easy to refer to the great achievements and remarkable history of our school community to demonstrate why we are an excellent school, it is really the student body and graduates that make Catholic Central a special place.  Our students and graduates consistently represent themselves, their families, and our school in a way that makes us all proud to be Crusaders.

Serving as the Principal of Catholic Central High School has been a great honor and I enjoy every second I spend with our students, staff, parents, alumni and community members.  We as students and adults strive to improve and grow on a daily basis as a community of learners. Our commitment to the service of others and faith formation distinguishes us as a community of faith.

We have recently enacted policies to make our school financially accessible to all families who desire a first-rate Catholic education.  If you have a school-aged child that you feel would benefit from enrollment at Catholic High, please contact us at 518.235-7100 x224 to learn more about our school and Crusader Plus financial aid program.  Your child's experience will be transformational and we will assist them in realizing their true potential.

We encourage everyone associated with Catholic Central to catch the Crusader Spirit!

Dr. Christopher Bott