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Sports Sign-Up Requirements

Students interested in playing school sports are required to sign-up in the school health office.

Students will need to complete the sports physical examination and the health history form. The health history form should be handed in as soon as possible. The physical examination form must be handed in before try-outs/practice starts.

Students who do not follow this process and have not been approved by the health office will be considered ineligible for sports until they are cleared by nursing staff.

Sports Physical Form                   Physical Form

Student must have a physical within 12 months of the beginning of the sport season he/she wishes to play. Students may visit the school nurse's office to see if they have a valid physical on file.  If a physical is on file, students will become eligible for a sport once they return the health history form and emergency athletic form with a parents signature—provided all injuries have been cleared by a physician.

Physicals can be performed by a student's family doctor. The physical must be reviewed by the school nurse before a student can sign-up for a sport or attend practice. Students also have the option of having a sports physical performed by the school physician.

Students who need a sports physical may make an appointment at the school nurses' office. Physicals may take up to one hour so please plan your time accordingly. Also, please bring glasses or wear contacts for an eye exam, if necessary.

Please note: No appointment is necessary for summer physicals; exams are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Athletic Health History Form

Physicals will not be given without a completed Athletic Health History Form signed by the student's parent/guardian each sport season.

If a student has an injury which impacts his/her participation in interscholastic athletics or physical education, the parent/guardian should notify the school nurse. Upon his/her return from an injury, the student must have either a written release or restriction from the attending physician, which should be given to the school nurse for review. A copy will be sent to the coach, and the original will be kept in the student’s health records.

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